The military has a long history of producing powerful, unique, and downright awesome vehicles that far exceed the capabilities of our civilian Fords and Chevys. Some of the vehicles currently and formerly used by the military are available to you, and many of them are relatively inexpensive. In this list, we take a look at […]


We’ve all seen those cars on the road that are excessively tricked out or that have crazy paint jobs. The cars on this list, though, take the weirdness to a whole new level. From unconventional building materials to ridiculous designs, we’ve scoured the Internet to find the strangest of the strange vehicles ever created. Some […]

17-most-dangerous-cars-on-the-raod-today-10-toyota yaris

Take a look at the top 17 unsafe cars that are the most likely to send drivers to an early grave. The list includes the fast, the small, and the poorly designed. The odds of being killed in a car accident have gone down significantly in recent years as new high-tech safety features have emerged. According to the IIHS, there […]


How do you define rare? Is “rare” a quantitative attribute that simply represents the number of units built? The automobile industry has a visible evolution that includes growing demands, improved technology, and even the process by which vehicles assembly takes place. Some of these cars are original while others restored. Some are so valuable that […]


Join us as we discuss 27 of the most expensive cars ever auctioned off! Our extensive list starts with a ‘modest’ $3,300,000 Oldsmobile and ends with a vehicle well into the 8 figures! For simplicity, all prices have been adjusted to 2015 dollars. And also due to privacy and copyright concerns, a small handful of […]


Join us as we cruise through the ultimate list of the craziest watercraft sailing the waves of the interweb. From weird and unusual to futuristic and down right crazy! Wether your a fan of boating or not. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and amazed by the vessels these creative visionaries have set a float for us […]


You’ve all seen a vehicle on the road that was so poorly designed you had to ask, “What were they thinking?” We assembled this listed based on two factors — design and reliability. The design aspects that we looked at included proportion and cheapness in look. For reliability, we looked at vehicles that broke down […]

23 military aircraft you'd never guess were legal to own!

Join us as we discuss 23 impressive aircraft that you probably thought were illegal to own! Obviously, for security reasons these old fighters, or more commonly called ‘warbirds’ are modified so they can’t carry munitions. Even with that being true, many of these warbirds are still more than capable of breakneck speeds and fast paced […]


21 of the Most Luxurious Yachts in the World Who else wants a mega yacht? I know I do, especially after creating this list featuring the 21 most luxurious yachts in the world! You’re sure to be astonished by some of the amenities and comforts that these super vessels provide. If you’re interested in seeing […]


What was your favorite Hot Wheel growing up? Do you still have that bucket list of dream cars that you’ve always wanted? Mine was a 1969 Mustang GT 500. Remember all of those Ferraris, Porsches, and all of those muscle cars like the Mustangs, Carmaros, GTOs, and even the Corvettes — that you still want. […]